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Multifunction oven
Instructions for installation and use
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Seite 1 - Multifunction oven

FM 10 RK.C GBFM 20 K.C IX GBMultifunction ovenInstructions for installation and use

Seite 2 - Multifunction Oven

10Safety Is A Good Habit To Get Into• When handling the appliance, we recommend youalways use the purpose provided handles recessedinto the sides of t

Seite 3 - Close-up view

11InstalationThe appliance must be installed only by a qualifiedperson in compliance with the instructions provided.The manufacturer declines all resp

Seite 4 - How to use your oven

12Important: the wires in the mains lead are coloured inaccordance with the following code:Green & Yellow -EarthBlue -NeutralBrown -LiveIf the col

Seite 8

Merloni ElettrodomesticiViale Aristide Merloni 4760044 FabrianoItalyTel +39 0732 6611Fax +39 0732 662501www.merloni.com01/03 - 195036791.00 Xerox Bus

Seite 9

Multifunction OvenInstructions for installation and use

Seite 10

3Congratulations on choosing an Indesit appliance, which you will find is dependable and easy to use. We recommendthat you read the instructions in th

Seite 11 - Instalation

4How to use your ovenThis multi-function oven combines the advantages of tra-ditional convection ovens with those of the more modernfan assisted model

Seite 12 - Technical Specifications

5The oven lightSet knob “B” to the 3 symbol to turn it on. It lights theoven and stays on when any of the electrical heating ele-ments in the oven co

Seite 13

6Electronic Cooking ProgrammerThe programmer makes it possible to preset the oven andthe grill in terms of:• delay start with a preset length of time

Seite 14

7Practical Cooking AdviceThe oven offers a wide range of alternatives which allowyou to cook any type of food in the best possible way. Withtime you w

Seite 15

8Cooking PizzaFor best results when cooking pizza, use the “fanassisted “ b / b mode:• Preheat the oven for at least 10 minutes;• Use a light aluminiu

Seite 16 - Merloni Elettrodomestici

9Selector knobsettingFood to be cookedWeight(in kg)Cooking rackposition frombottomPreheating time(minutes)ThermostatknobsettingCookingtime(minutes)1 C

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