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Stöbern Sie online oder laden Sie Wartungshandbuch nach Waschtrockner Indesit IWDE 7125 S herunter. Indesit IWDE 7125 S washer dryer Benutzerhandbuch

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! This symbol reminds you to read this booklet.
Installation, 2-3-4-5
Unpacking and levelling
Connecting the electricity and water supplies
The first wash cycle
Technical data
Description of the Washer-dryer, 6-7
Control panel
How to run a wash cycle or a drying cycle, 8
Wash cycles and options, 9
Table of wash cycles
Wash options
Detergents and laundry, 10
Detergent dispenser drawer
Preparing the laundry
Special wash cycles
Load balancing system
Precautions and tips, 11
General safety
Opening the porthole door manually
Care and maintenance, 12
Cutting off the water or electricity supply
Cleaning the Washer-dryer
Cleaning the detergent dispenser drawer
Caring for the door and drum of your appliance
Cleaning the pump
Checking the water inlet hose
Troubleshooting, 13-14
Assistance, 15-16
IWDE 7125 S
Instructions for use
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Seite 1 - Instructions for use

GB1! This symbol reminds you to read this booklet.ContentsInstallation, 2-3-4-5Unpacking and levellingConnecting the electricity and water suppliesT

Seite 2 - Installation

10GBDetergent dispenser drawerGood washing results also depend on the correct dose of detergent: adding too much detergent will not necessa-rily resul

Seite 3 - 65 - 100 cm

GB11Precautions and tips! This Washer-dryer was designed and constructed in accordance with international safety regulations. The fol-lowing informati

Seite 4 - The first wash cycle

12GBCare and maintenance Cutting off the water and electricity supplies• Turn off the water tap after every wash cycle. This will limit wear on the h

Seite 5 - Technical data

GB13TroubleshootingYour Washer-dryer could fail to work. Before contacting the Technical Assistance Centre (see “Assistance”), make sure that the prob

Seite 6 - Control panel

14GBThe machine is noisy.The machine wont spin properly.The machine leaks from the dispenser.The machine leaks (other than dispenser).The option ligh

Seite 7

GB15Assistance12 Months Parts and Labour GuaranteeYour appliance has the benefit of our manufacturer’s guarantee, which covers the cost of breakdown r

Seite 8 - How to run a wash cycle or a

16GB195076803.02 06/2010 - Xerox FabrianoAfter Sales ServiceNo one is better placed to care for your Indesit appliance during the course of its work

Seite 9 - Wash cycles and options

2GBInstallation! This instruction manual should be kept in a safe place for future reference. If the washer-dryer is sold, transferred or moved, make

Seite 10 - Detergents and laundry

GB3Connecting the drain hose Connect the drain hose, without bending it, to a draining duct or a wall drain situated between 65 and 100 cm from the fl

Seite 11 - Precautions and tips

4GBAs the colours of the wires in the lead may not correspond with the coloured markings identifyng the terminals in your plug, proceed as follows:Con

Seite 12 - Care and maintenance

GB5Technical dataModelIWDE 7125 SDimensionswidth 59.5 cmheight 85 cmdepth 53.5 cmCapacityfrom 1 to 7 kg for the wash programmefrom 1 to 5 kg for the d

Seite 13 - Troubleshooting

6GBDetergent dispenser drawer: used to dispense detergents and washing additives (see “Detergents and laundry”).ON/OFF button : press this briefly to

Seite 14

GB7DisplayThe display is useful when programming the machine and provides a great deal of information.The duration of the available programmes and the

Seite 15 - Assistance

8GBHow to run a wash cycle or a drying cycle1. SWITCH THE MACHINE ON. Press the button; the START/PAUSE indicator light will flash slowly in a green

Seite 16 - Essential Contact Information

GB9Wash cycles and optionsWash optionsSelecting this option enables you to suitably adjust drum rotation, temperature and water to a reduced load of l

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