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Free Standing Dual Fuel CookerInstructions for installation and useKD643EKD641E

Seite 2 - Contents

10Electronic Clock & Automatic Oven TimerOperation(KD643E only)Step 4 Press & hold in the Cook Period button, the display will read 0.00 and t

Seite 3 - Introduction

11Electronic Clock & Automatic Oven TimerOperation(KD643E only)OTHER NOTES ON TIMER OPERATION1. When cooking Automatically the Cook Period can be

Seite 4 - Safety Information

The hotplate has two high speed burners and two simmering burners which willaccommodate pans between 100mm (4”) and 230mm (9”) diameter. All pans shou

Seite 5

13SAFETY REQUIREMENTS FOR DEEP FAT FRYING1. Never fill chip pans more than one third full with oil or fat.2. Never leave oil or fat unattended during

Seite 6

14TO USE THE GRILL1. Open the grill/top oven door and place the shelf in the required position.2. Turn the grill control knob clockwise to 4 (max) for

Seite 7 - Know your Timer

15Both ovens have a thermostat light that will illuminate until the oven has reached theset temperature. It will then switch off and on during cooking

Seite 8

OVEN COOKING CHARTBeef/ Lamb(slow roasting)Meat170/18035 mins per 450g (1lb)+ 35 mins over.Runner 1frombottomof oven.35-40 mins per 450g(1lb)40 mins p

Seite 9

Note: If soft margarine is used for cake making, temperatures recommended by themanufacturers should be followed. Temperatures recommended in this cha

Seite 10 - (KD643E only)

The 90˚ setting on the main oven thermostat can be used for slow cooking.PREPARING FOOD FOR SLOW COOKING1. All dishes cooked by the ‘S’setting shoul

Seite 11

Switch off the electricity supply and allow to cool before cleaning the cooker.Clean the cooker regularly and wipe up spills soon after they occur to

Seite 12 - Hotplate

Contents2Introduction 3Safety Information 4 Oven Timer Operation (KD643E only) 6Hotplate 12Grill 14Ovens 15Oven Cooking Charts 16The “Slow Cook” S

Seite 13

20COOKER FINISH CLEANING METHODVitreous EnamelHotplate, pan supports,hotplate front trim,burner caps, roasting dish,grill pan, main oven base,inside o

Seite 14

21Take particular care not to damage the inner surface of the door inner glass thatis coated with a heat reflective layer. Do not use scouring pads, o

Seite 15

PROBLEM CHECKIgnition does not work.22Before contacting your nearest Service Centre or Installer, check the problemguide below, there may be nothing w


(KD643E only)Cannot set an “Auto Cook”programme or cannot get thetimer to turn the oven on oroff at the required times.Read the Timer instructions in

Seite 17

Prior to installation, ensure that the local distribution conditions (nature of the gas andgas pressure) and the adjustment conditions are compatible.

Seite 18 - The Plate Warming ‘S’ Setting

25Installation InstructionsTECHNICAL DATADIMENSIONSHeight 900 - 915mmWidth 600mmDepth 595mm (excluding door handles)GENERALGas connection Rp 1/2(1/2”

Seite 19 - Care and Cleaning

SPACE FOR FIXINGThe cooker can be close fitted below hotplate level.This requires a minimum distance of 600mm between cupboard units of hotplate

Seite 20

LEVELLINGTwo rear wheels and two front feet are fitted which can be adjusted up or down to set the height (915mm) and level the cooker.1. The rear whe

Seite 21

28Warning - THIS APPLIANCE MUST BE EARTHEDThe cooker must be connected by a qualified electrician to a suitable double - pole control unitwith a minim

Seite 22



Introduction3Your new appliance is guaranteed* and will give lasting service.This guarantee is only applicableif the appliance has been installed in a

Seite 25

If It Still Won’t Work...31This appliance conforms to the following EEC Directives:Electromagnetic Compatibility Low Voltage Equipment89/336/EEC 73/23

Seite 26

PRINTED BY SIMLEX .FOUR ASHES,WOLVERHAMPTON. 07/2004 195045064.00Repair Service and Information DeskUK: 0870 6070805(Open 8am to 5.30pm Mon - Fri9a

Seite 27

Please read the precautions below before using your cooker.ALWAYS . . .ALWAYS make sure you understand the controls before using the cooker.ALWAYS che

Seite 28 - Operational Checks

NEVER . . .NEVER leave children unsupervised where the cooker is installed as all surfaceswill get hot during and after use.NEVER allow anyone to sit

Seite 29

The timer offers you the following features:1. Time of Day2. Automatic Cooking3. Minute MinderAUTOMATIC COOKINGThe main oven can be controlled automat

Seite 30

Know your Timer(KD643E only)CLOCKFACEThe timer incorporates a 24 hour clock.Ensure the correct time of day is always set, before using your cooker.SYM

Seite 31 - If It Still Won’t Work

8Electronic Clock & Automatic Oven TimerOperation(KD643E only)SETTING THE TIME OF DAYStep 1 Make sure all oven controls are turned Off.Step 2 Chec

Seite 32 - Key Contacts

9Electronic Clock & Automatic Oven TimerOperation(KD643E only)Step 3 Press and hold in the Cook Period button.The display will read 0.00 with the

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