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Installation, 2-5
Positioning and levelling
Electrical connection
Gas connection
Adapting to different types of gas
Table of burner and nozzle specifications
Table of characteristics
Description of the appliance, 6
Overall view
Control panel
Start-up and use, 7-10
Using the hob
Setting the time
Using the oven
Cooking modes
Planning your cooking
Practical cooking advice
Oven cooking advice table
Precautions and tips, 11
General safety
Respecting and conserving the environment
Care and maintenance, 12
Switching the appliance off
Cleaning the appliance
Replacing the oven light bulb
Gas tap maintenance
Operating Instructions
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Seite 1 - Operating Instructions

GBCOOKER AND OVENContentsInstallation, 2-5Positioning and levellingElectrical connectionGas connectionAdapting to different types of gasTab

Seite 2 - Installation

10GBOven cooking advice tableCooking modes Foods Weight (in kg) Rack Position Pre-heating time (minutes) Recommended temperature Cooking time (minute

Seite 3 - Gas connection

11GBPrecautions and tips This appliance has been designed and manufacturedin compliance with international safety standards.The following warnings ar

Seite 4

12GBSwitching the appliance offDisconnect your appliance from the electricity supplybefore carrying out any work on it.Cleaning the appliance Never u

Seite 5

2GB Before operating your new appliance please readthis instruction booklet carefully. It contains importantinformation concerning the safe installat

Seite 6 - Description

3GB If the cooker isinstalled underneath awall cabinet, there mustbe a minimum distanceof 420 mm between thiscabinet and the top ofthe hob.This dista

Seite 7 - Start-up and use

4GB Is easy to inspect along its whole length so that itscondition may be checked. Is shorter than 1500 mm. Fits firmly into place at both ends, wh

Seite 8 - Cooking modes

5GBTable of burner and nozzle specificationsTable 1 Liquid Gas Natural GasBurner Diameter(mm)Thermal PowerkW (p.c.s.*)By-Pass1/100Nozzle1/100Flow*g/hN

Seite 9 - Practical cooking advice

6GBDescriptionof the applianceOverall viewControl panelTHERMOSTATknobANALOGUE PROGRAMMERknob*THERMOSTATindicator lightHob BURNERcontrol knobsSELECTORk

Seite 10

7GBStart-up and useUsing the hobLighting the burnersFor each BURNER knob there is a complete ringshowing the strength of the flame for the relevant

Seite 11 - Precautions and tips

8GB Stop cooking by turning the SELECTOR knob tothe 0 position. Always place cookware on the rack(s) provided.THERMOSTAT indicator lightWhen

Seite 12 - Care and maintenance

9GBPlanning your cookingProgramming cooking time with immediate start1. Turn the PROGRAMMER knob in an anticlockwisedirection until the d

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