Indesit DD 752 W/HA(MR) Bedienungsanleitung

Stöbern Sie online oder laden Sie Bedienungsanleitung nach Kochfelder Indesit DD 752 W/HA(MR) herunter. Indesit DD 752 W/HA(CH) Instruction for Use Benutzerhandbuch

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Operating Instructions
Operating Instructions,1
Description of the appliance,5
Start-up and use,17
Precautions and tips,17
Maintenance and care,18
DD 752 W/HA(CH)
DD 752 W/HA(MR)
DD 752 W/HA(SL)
DD 752 W/HA(ICE)
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Seite 1 - Operating Instructions

EnglishOperating InstructionsHOBContentsOperating Instructions,1Warnings,2Assistance,4Description of the appliance,5Installation,13Start-up and use,1

Seite 2 - Warnings

GB17Start-up and use! The position of the corresponding gas burner is shown on every knob.Gas burnersEach burner can be adjusted to one of the followi

Seite 3

18Respecting and conserving the environment• Cook your food in closed pots or pans with well-tting lids and use as little water as possible. Cooking

Seite 5 - Description of the appliance

20195142353.0105/2016 - XEROX FABRIANOIndesit Company S.p.A.Viale Aristide Merloni,4760044 Fabriano (AN)

Seite 6 - Positioning

2WarningsWARNING: The appliance and its accessible parts become hot during use. Care should be taken to avoid touching heating elements. Children less


4AssistanceCommunicating:• the type of problem encountered.• appliance model (Mod.)• serial number (S/N)This information is found on the data plate

Seite 9 - DD 752 W/HA(ICE)

5Description of the applianceOverall view1. Support Grid for COOKWARE2. GAS BURNERS3. Control Knobs for GAS BURNERS4. Ignition for GAS BURNERS5.

Seite 10 - Disposal

GB13Installation! Before operating your new appliance please read this instruction booklet carefully. It contains important information for safe use,

Seite 11 - Troubleshooting

14• Where the hob is not installed over a built-in oven, a wooden panel must be installed as insulation. This must be placed at a minimum distance of

Seite 12

GB15• Setting the burners to minimum1. Turn the tap to the low ame position;2. Remove the knob and adjust the adjustment screw, which is positione

Seite 13 - 60044 Fabriano (AN)

16Table 1 Liquid Gas Natural GasNominal (mb

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