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Stöbern Sie online oder laden Sie Betriebsanweisung nach Kühlschränke Indesit LAL85 FF1I W WTD herunter. Indesit LAL85 FF1I W WTD Setup and user guide [ar] Benutzerhandbuch

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Operating Instructions
Operating Instructions, 1
Assistance, 2
Description of the appliance, 3
Description of the appliance, 4
Installation, 5
Start-up and use, 5
Maintenance and care, 7
Precautions and tips, 7
Troubleshooting, 8
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Seite 1 - Operating Instructions

LH8 XXXX XLH8 XXXX XX EnglishOperating InstructionsREFRIGERATOR/FREEZER COMBINATIONContentsOperating Instructions, 1Assistance, 2Description of the ap

Seite 2 - Assistance

2AssistanceBefore calling for Assistance:• Check if the malfunction can be solved on your own (see Troubleshooting).• If after all the checks, the a

Seite 3 - Description of the appliance

3Description of the applianceControl panel1. ON/OFF The whole product (both fridge and freezer compartments) can be turned on by pressing this button

Seite 4

4Description of the applianceOverall viewThe instructions contained in this manual are applicable to different model refrigerators. The diagrams may n

Seite 5 - Start-up and use

GB5Installation! Before placing your new appliance into operation please read these operating instructions carefully. They contain important informati

Seite 6

6GB2. If the word “OK” does not appear it means that the temperature is too high:set the FRIDGE TEMPERATURE on a colder value, and then wait 10 hours

Seite 7 - Precautions and tips

GB7172456435689! The presence of water drops on the tank walls is a normal occurrence during the product’s operation.! Dry any drops present on the ou

Seite 8 - Troubleshooting

8GBGeneral safety• The appliance was designed for domestic use inside the home and is not intended for commercial or industrial use.• The appliance

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