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Instructions for installation and use
IN F 140 UK
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Seite 1 - IN F 140 UK

Instructions for installation and useIN F 140 UKFreezer

Seite 2 - Uprigh Freezer

8GBTrouble shootingGreen Light OffCheck that:· there is no power failure· the general switch or circuit breaker in your home is notdisconnectedRed Lig

Seite 4

05/2004 - 195035169.01 - Xerox Business Services - DocuTech

Seite 5 - Setting up your appliance

Uprigh FreezerInstructions for installation and useGBTo maintain the EFFICIENCY and SAFETY of this appliance, we recommend:- use only the MANUFACTURE

Seite 6 - Using your freezer

1GBATTENTIONRead your handbook carefully since it contains instructionswhich will ensure safe installation, use and maintenance ofyour appliance.Your

Seite 7 - Caring for your appliance

2GBElectrical connectionYour appliance is now supplied with a 13 amp fused plug thatcan be plugged into a 13 amp socket for immediate use. Beforeusing

Seite 8 - Guife for using the freezer

3GBA closer lookDIce tray compartmentCompartment for freezing and storageStorage compartments Defrost water drain systemThermostatThis regulates the t

Seite 9 - Fruit and vegetable

4GBUsing your freezerFreezing- Remember that you should never re-freeze products youhave allowed to thaw, even if only partially: cook the food,then e

Seite 10 - Trouble shooting

5GBFig. 1Caring for your applianceBefore doing any cleaning, disconnect the appliancefrom the electricity (by pulling out the plug orturningoff the ge

Seite 11

6GBGuife for using the freezerMeat and fishFood WrappingTenderising(days)Storage(months)Thawing TimeBeef Roast Tinfoil 2 / 3 9 / 10 Not required.Lamb

Seite 12

7GBFruit and vegetableFood PreparationBlanchingTimeWrappingStorage(months)Thawing TimeApples and Pears Peel and cut into slices. 2’In Containers (cove

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