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Introduction, 2
For Your Safety, 3
Clock and Minute Minder Operation, 9-10
Hotplate, 11
Grill, 12
Main Oven, 13
Main Oven Cooking Charts, 14-15
Top Oven, 16
Top Oven Cooking Charts, 17-18
Care and Cleaning, 19
Something Wrong with your cooker?, 20
Installation Instructions, 4-8
If it still Won't Work, 21
Guarantee Information, 22
Service Information, 23
Operating Instructions
Free Standing Gas Cooker
English, 1
You must read these instructions prior to using
your appliance and retain them for future use.
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Seite 1 - Operating Instructions

ID60G2ContentsIntroduction, 2For Your Safety, 3Clock and Minute Minder Operation, 9-10Hotplate, 11Grill, 12Main Oven, 13Main Oven Cooking Charts, 14-1

Seite 2 - Introduction

10GBClock and Minute MinderMINUTE MINDER OPERATIONTo Set the Minute MinderStep 1 Press the "+" button until the required timeis set. A "

Seite 3 - For your Safety

11GBHotplateThe hotplate lid is fitted with a safety device whichcuts off the gas supply to the hotplate burnersunless the lid is fully open. Do not u

Seite 4 - Installation


Seite 5

13GBThe main oven is fitted with a safety device that willcut off the gas supply to the burner if the flame hasbeen extinguished for any reason. Each

Seite 6

14GBThe following times and setting are for guidanceonly. You may wish to alter the setting to give aresult more to your satisfaction. When a differen

Seite 7 - Electrical Connection

15GBWhen baking with two trays or tins on two levels, thetop tray is removed first and the lower tray movedup to the top position for a few minutes lo

Seite 8

16GBThe top oven can be used to cook small quantitiesof food or used in conjunction with the main oven toprovide additional cooking space.The top oven

Seite 9 - Clock and Minute Minder

17GBThe following times and setting are for guidanceonly. You may wish to alter the setting to give aresult more to your satisfaction. When a differen

Seite 10 - 00 . 20

18GBSoft Margarine - Use the oven settingsrecommended by the margarine manufacturer andnot those indicated on the cooking chart.Top Oven Cooking Chart

Seite 11 - Hotplate

19GB! Never use steam cleaners or pressure cleanerson the appliance.! Clean the glass part of the oven door using asponge and a non-abrasive cleaning

Seite 12

2GBTo help you make the best use of your cooker,PLEASE READ THIS BOOKLET CAREFULLY.Your new cooker is guaranteed and will give lastingservice.The guar

Seite 13 - Main Oven

20GBBefore contacting your Service Centre orInstaller, check the problem guide below, theremay be nothing wrong with your cooker.Something Wrongwith y

Seite 14 - Main Oven Cooking Chart

21GBContact the Service OfficeIf something is still wrong with your appliance afteryou have been through the 'Something Wrong' list:1. Switc

Seite 15

22GBGuarantee12 months Parts and Labour GuaranteeYour appliance has the benefit of our manufacturer's guarantee, which covers the cost ofbreakdow

Seite 16 - Top Oven

23GBAfter Sales ServiceNo one is better placed to care for your Indesit appliance during the course of itsworking life than us - the manufacturer.Esse

Seite 17 - Top Oven Cooking Chart

24GB04/2011 - 195090135.00XEROX FABRIANO

Seite 18

3GBPlease read the precautions below before usingyour cooker.ALWAYS . . .ALWAYS make sure you understand the controlsbefore using the cooker.ALWAYS ch

Seite 19 - Care and Cleaning

4GBPrior to installation, ensure that the local distributionconditions (nature of the gas and gas pressure) andthe adjustment conditions are compatibl

Seite 20 - Something Wrong

5GBInstallationSPACE FOR FIXINGThe cooker can be close fitted below hotplate level.This requires a minimum distance of 600mmbetween cupboard units of

Seite 21 - If it Still Won't Work

6GBSTABILITY CHAINA hole in the gas inlet valve bracket can be used toengage a stability chain.CONNECTING TO GAS SUPPLY300670Connection to the cooker

Seite 22 - Guarantee

7GBWARNING - THIS APPLIANCE MUST BE EARTHED.CONNECT TO A 230-240V A.C. SUPPLY ONLY.Connection to the electricity supply should be madevia a properly e

Seite 23 - Essential Contact Information

8GBINSTALLATION AND OPERATIONAL CHECKSAfter installation, check for gas soundness. Thesupply pressure can be checked at the front lefthotplate burner


9GBClock and Minute MinderCLOCK OPERATIONTo Set Time of DayStep 1 Check that the electricity supply to thecooker is turned on.Step 2 When switched on

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