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Congratulations on choosing an Indesit appliance, which you will find is dependable and easy to use. We recommend
that you read the instructions in this owner’s manual carefully before use for the best performance and to extend the life
of your appliance, as it will provide you with all the instructions you require to ensure its safe installation, use and
maintenance. Always keep this owner’s manual close to hand since you may need to refer to it in the future. Thank you.
Close-up view
A. Control Panel
B. Cooking mode selection knob
C. Cooking temperature selection knob
E. Oven indicator light (only available on certain models)
- When lit, it indicates the ovens is heating up to the
temperature set.
F. Dripping Pan or Baking Sheet
G. Oven Rack
H. Guides for sliding the racks or dripping pan in and
How to use your oven
The various features offered by your oven are selected by
means of selector knob B” and thermostat C” situated
on the control panel.
Notice: The first time you use your appliance, we recom-
mend that you set the thermostat to the highest setting
and leave the oven on for about half an hour with nothing
in it, with the oven door shut. Then, open the oven door
and let the room air. The odour that is often detected dur-
ing this initial use is due to the evaporation of substances
used to protect the oven during storage and until it is in-
Notice: Place the dripping pan provided on the bottom
shelf of the oven to prevent any sauce and/or grease from
dripping onto the bottom of the oven only when grilling
food or when using the rotisserie (only available on cer-
tain models). For all other types of cooking, never use the
bottom shelf and never place anything on the bottom of
the oven when it is in operation because this could dam-
age the enamel. Always place your cookware (dishes, alu-
minium foil, etc. etc.) on the grid provided with the appli-
ance inserted especially along the oven guides.
Convection Mode a
Position of thermostat knob “C”: between 60°C and Max.
On this setting, the top and bottom heating elements come
on. This is the classic, traditional type of oven which has
been perfected, with exceptional heat distribution and re-
duced energy consumption. The convection oven is still
unequalled when it comes to cooking dishes made up of
several ingredients, e.g. cabbage with ribs, Spanish style
cod, Ancona style stockfish, tender veal strips with rice,
etc. Excellent results are achieved when preparing veal
or beef-based dishes as well (braised meats, stew, gou-
lash, wild game, ham etc.) which need to cook slowly and
require basting or the addition of liquid. It nonetheless re-
mains the best system for baking cakes as well as fruit
and cooking using covered casserole dishes for oven bak-
ing. When cooking in convection mode, only use one drip-
ping pan or cooking rack at a time, otherwise the heat
distribution will be uneven. Using the different rack heights
available, you can balance the amount of heat between
the top and the bottom of the oven. Select from among
the various rack heights based on whether the dish needs
more or less heat from the top.
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